About me

Hello, my name is Gerson Barreiros, and I am a 28 years old computer science student and coca cola addicted insomniac who likes geek stuff, changing everything and coming back to the original state just to know what i could do if i want to. This lead me to change some things here and there on the android system and it’s low layer.

But changing things isn’t the only thing about me, i do like to see how the world was in a fraction of a second that happened anytime in the past, so, i got a nice hobby for a geek, photography. And it fills a part of my life that i didn’t had some time ago and i didn’t knew that i would need this soo much. And with that i could find Wanessa, the love of my life :-)

Using Linux since the black screen with a “_” cursor blinking, i saw every major distribution release, and in past days i liked to test them with some virtualization solution. Actually virtualization is one of the coolest things to play with, for me.

Started to work with Amazon AWS, without any knowledge, i’ve created my own account to test what i could do with this. Right now this blog is hosted on a t2.micro EC2 with standard IOPS EBS, with a MySQL RDS db.t1.micro, ElastiCache cache.t1.micro and CloudFront. On the same machine i’ve made several optimizations to host my personal Git projects and Redmine.
I like puzzles and solving problems. I’m dedicated to what I do, and my work typically speaks for itself.