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Proxy using SSH Tunnel

Browse the web using your SSH Server by making it a proxy server.


How to auto start services on boot in Centos / Redhat / Oracle Linux?

To auto start services in Centos, Redhat or Oracle Linux, you can use builtin chkconfig utility. It is located in /sbin directory. If you are a regular user (non-root), then /sbin may not be in your path. Therefore, you may have to use the full path to access the chkconfig utility.

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Display calibration

As i use the same monitor (LG W2486L) on my Nintendo Wii U and my Computer, i never payed attention to the fact that sometimes i couldn’t see some colors just for a wrong calibration on my display.
I do use Adobe Lightroom on this PC to make enhancements to the photos, but how could i know if my display was showing what i need to see?

A friend of mine told me about some videos that could help me to do that, on the link below you can download the videos and check more information about it.

I just used the basic settings and now my display is very better, i can see a better range of whites and blacks.